Here at Fobit Medical we have a wide range of services to reach many people in many sectors.

  • Teaching - doctors, medical students, nurses and midwives;
  • Teaching Medicine to lay, non-medical women in simple language;
  • Teaching teachers to teach;
  • Teaching adolescent and young adult men and women on menstruation, puberty, contraception, sexual health; especially in Secondary school assemblies;
  • Teaching women’s groups, and individual one-to-one explanations of gynaecological, pregnancy and infertility processes;
  • Gynaecology advisory service
  • Pregnancy advisory service
  • Women’s health: Advice on Menopause, Weight loss, Cancer screening (Ovarian and Breast Cancer)
  • Medico-legal advice - Advice on when appropriate to take legal action; responding to complaints
  • Career guidance for doctors and aspiring doctors/dentists
  • Coaching to pass exams - doctors, medical students, PLAB, MRCOG,
  • Interview techniques - to gain medical school places; for all medical jobs