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W.A, Vocational Trainee Manchester June 2014

I was privileged to work with Dr Johnson Ajayi during one of my night shifts last week. From the little time I spent with him, I found him very interesting and humble despite his wealth of clinical/professional experience and qualifications.

One striking thing I picked from my interaction with him is his willingness to support and train junior colleagues and other members of staff. There was a caesarean section that night and as we were preparing for the operation, he asked me if I was interested in doing the operation while he observes and supervises me. It was then I told him that I was in the General Practice training programme and would rather have him do it and teach me as he goes along. Despite the fact that I have spent 5 months in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, I would say it was during that operation that I fully understood all about the anatomy and what the procedure itself entails. This gave me a better idea of the operation and would help me counsel a woman that intends to have the operation done in a better and simpler way next time.

He did not stop at that, he took time to explore my career plans-weaknesses and strengths and gave me more ideas as to how to maximise my potential and future plans.

I also observed his interaction with other people. He has very good working relationship with patients, colleagues and other members of the team. He has good leadership skills with the ability to delegate appropriately. He was very calm and soft spoken throughout that shift. He has good verbal and written communication skills. He is a very enthusiastic doctor, able to work under pressure as well as manage time and resources effectively. He has a caring attitude to patients and their relatives. To crown it all, he gave all the staff on the shift beautiful pens (souvenirs) as gifts which we are using as ‘memories of the night’ we worked together with him.

I want to use this medium to thank him for all his words of advice on that remarkable night which I am sure will make a big impact in my work, family and social life.

I also wish him the best in life and I pray he lives long in good health to reap the fruits of his labour.

W.A, Vocational Trainee,
North Manchester Gen Hospital
June 2014



Hi Mr Ajayi,

Sorry it has taken forever to reply, rest assured contacting you has been on my mind. I have just started working in a cancer unit , which i am sure you can appreciate has not done wonders for my mental health.

All is well with us at home ... I have left for Yorkshire to continue my speciality training in 201x and I am slowly getting used to it now.

I do truly want to thank you for everything you did to inspire me to succeed during such a low part of my life, I most definitely lost my way ... and very nearly let others lead me away from my ultimate goal of success.

I am glad that part of my life is now part of my past. I am now looking to the future to enjoy work, life, and family. I really hope we can catch up soon as I would love you to meet my family who spread joy even on my darkest days.

Should see you soon.

With love L

Dr P

Dr P is perhaps my greatest ever success story. A very clever student, scoring 75% in university tests, she wanted to give up completely on Medicine. She qualified about 5 years ago now, and should soon become a Consultant. She is as happy as a lark.  When people like Dr P are happy, I am happy, too. All she needed was reassurance, understanding, motivation and encouragement.

***if your child or partner wants to give up on their courses, careers, or marriage why not contact Fobit to try and explore ways to help? We cannot guarantee a 100% success rate! but drop out rate would certainly NOT be 100%. Any success is big for the individual and family. 

If YOU are contemplating giving up - on your career, on your marriage, on life altogether, try us PLEASE. You have nothing to lose any more, have you?

Remember the toad in the bowl?

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